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Open Source

  • Drools
  • Lumina Analytica provides an intuitive interface to build influence diagrams and its Intelligent Arrays provide easy management of multidimensional arrays. Monte Carlo analysis provides estimation of risk and uncertainty, and a free version, Analytica 101 can be downloaded for perpetual use – with support for 101 variables and other objects.
  • Decision Explorer is a proven tool for managing “soft” issues – the qualitative information that surrounds complex or uncertain situations. It allows you to capture in detail thoughts and ideas, to explore them, and gain new understanding and insight. The result is a fresh perspective, and time saved through increased productivity, release of creativity and a better focus. A demo version can be freely downloaded that supports 30 concepts.
  • OpenRules is a general purpose open source Business Rules and Decision Management System available as an Open Source product. It allows subject matter experts and software developers to create, test, execute, and maintain enterprise-class decision support applications.
  • Paramount Decisions is a cloud based decision tool that breaks down the decision-making process into 8 easy-to-follow steps. After users complete a decision, they can generate reports to communicate the rationale of the decision to other stakeholders. It comes with strong collaboration features, version control and strong security. A free subscription is available for up to 5 decisions, but does not support collaboration.
  • PROSUITE Decision Support System provides a coherent and consistent software platform for assessing economic, environmental and social aspects of technologies within a life cycle approach. The PROSUITE DSS is a practical, ready-to-use software tool that is available for free, as open source system application. It offers a consistent set of assessment tools, with a common user interface, that can be used either as stand-alone tools or integrated in the platform. It is designed in such a way that it can be updated on a regular basis within and beyond the project, in order to accommodate newly developed methods, and newly developed inventory data for current and future situations.