Rails with Bitnami

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Bitnami provides pre-packaged stacks for programming environments and popular applications.

Bitnami supports the Rubystack via:

  1. Native Installer package for MacOS
  2. VM Ware distributed install
  3. AWS Image

RubyStack Native Installer

  • Install ran easily.
  • Management console for Apache, MySQL is installed.
  • Web Server via WeBRICK running via rails was successful.
  • Looks most promising

RubyStack VMWare Distribution

  • Was pleasantly surprised that it worked directly in VMWare Fusion without having to convert the ESX image
  • Rails installation is based on Ubuntu stack.
    • Intended application is
  • Challenges are in tranfering code/data to and from VM.
  • Challenges are in starting the Rails web server
    • Intended use was to access rails apps via web server on Bridged IP.
  • rails server failed to work on first try.