ATO Architecture

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  • BI&V - Business Intelligence and Visualisation
    • Benefits & Outcomes
    • TTDU - Tax Time Daily Update Reporting
    • TATF - Leverage ANGIE for population level analysis and exploration
      • Tax Avoidance Task Force uses ANGIE
    • ATOF - ATO Finance
      • ATO Finance to use financial datasets to provide guidance to Groups and Business Service Lines within ATO. (eg. Monthly Budget)
      • Support Financial Advisors
    • ECD - Enterprise Client Data
      • Enterprise Client Data will allow ATO users to explore, analyse and report on the same datasets that are available for users in the Enterprise Client Profile (ECP) webapp.

  • Source Systems
    • ICP
    • Siebel
    • SAP
    • Genesys
    • DB2, MSSQL, Oracle
    • Cognos EP
    • Data Files ( eg. CSV, R, Avro, Parquet)