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Various representations of the architecture board...

Operating Model

  • Architecture Operating Model
    • Architecture can be centralised, hub-spoke, distributed, integrated.
    • Centralised architecture can create decision paralysis. Architecture Board can only meet so often, and understanding context of a design can be time-consuming. Centralised architecture is suitable for smaller organisations (<2K employees)
    • Hub-Spoke (for larger organisations) may result if un-coordinated designs as business areas (spoke) adopt solutions in isolation.
    • Integrated architecture (for larger organisations) is often driven by a programme of work. The challenge with programme-based architecture is that rapid builds may be un-sustainable for adoption by business areas. Centralised designs are also not suitable for adoption by business areas.

Operating Model Maturity

  • Distributed -> Centralised -> Synergy Hub-Spoke -> Integrated (Distributed)


  • TBA - Technical Board Authority