Attorney General's Department

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The Attorney-General's Department is a department of the federal government of Australia responsible for law and justice, and since 29 May 2019, industrial relations.[3]

The head of the department is the Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department, currently Katherine Jones PSM, who reports to the Attorney-General for Australia, currently Mark Dreyfus.

Industrial relations

  • Fair Entitlements Guarantee
  • Workplace relations in Australia
  • General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme

Legal system

  • Administrative law
  • Legal assistance
  • Courts


  • Federal offenders
  • Foreign bribery
  • Abhorrent violent material

National security

  • Review of the National Intelligence Community
  • Australia's counter-terrorism laws


  • Counter fraud
  • Australian Government Register of Lobbyists
  • Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme

International relations

  • Private international law
  • International crime cooperation arrangements
  • International law