TOGAF: Architectural Deliverables

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Architecture Deliverables that will typically be consumed and produced across the TOGAF ADM cycle. As deliverables are typically the contractual or formal work products of an architecture project, it is likely that these deliverables will be constrained or altered by any overarching project or process management for the enterprise (such as CMMI, PRINCE2, PMBOK, or MSP).

This chapter therefore is intended to provide a typical baseline of architecture deliverables in order to better define the activities required in the ADM and act as a starting point for tailoring within a specific organization.

The TOGAF: Architecture Content Framework (see Part IV, 33. Introduction) identifies deliverables that are produced as outputs from executing the ADM cycle and potentially consumed as inputs at other points in the ADM. Other deliverables may be produced elsewhere and consumed by the ADM.

Architecture deliverables are architecture work products. Deliverables contain TOGAF: Architectural Artifacts

These are 21 deliverables commonly referenced by TOGAF and stored in the ACF.

# Deliverable PR AV - Phase A BA - Phase B IS - Phase C DA - Phase C AA - Phase C TA - Phase D OS - Phase E MP - Phase F IG - Phase G CM - Phase H RM
1 TOGAF: Business Principles, Business Goals, Business Drivers C U U
2 TOGAF: Architecture Repository C U U
3 TOGAF: Architecture Principles C C N
4 TOGAF: Organisational Model for Enterprise Architecture C
5 TOGAF: Tailored Architecture Framework C U
6 TOGAF: Request for Architecture Work C C N
7 TOGAF: Statement of Architecture Work C U U U U U U U
8 TOGAF: Capability Assessment C U
9 TOGAF: Requirements Impact Assessment U U U U U U U U U U C
10 TOGAF: Architecture Vision C U U
11 TOGAF: Communications Plan C
12 TOGAF: Architecture Definition Document C U U U U U F U
13 TOGAF: Architecture Requirements Specification C U U U U U F U
14 TOGAF: Architecture Roadmap C U U U U U F
15 TOGAF: Implementation and Migration Plan C U
16 TOGAF: Change Requests U U
17 TOGAF: Architecture Contract S U
18 TOGAF: Implementation Governance Model C
19 TOGAF: Architecture Building Blocks C U

20 TOGAF: Compliance Assessment C U
21 TOGAF: Solution Building Blocks C

C=Created, U=Updated, S=Signed, F=Finalised


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