Coexistence MDM Pattern

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A Coexistence style allows you to construct a golden record in the same way as the Consolidation style, but your master data is stored in the central MDM system and updated in its source systems.

The Coexistence style can be more expensive to deploy than the Consolidation style as master data changes can happen in the MDM system as well as in the application systems.

All attributes of the master data model must be consistent and cleansed before uploading them into the Master Data Management system.


  • The main benefit of this style is that data is mastered in source systems and then synchronized with the hub, so data can coexist harmoniously and still offer a single version of the truth.
  • Another benefit of this approach is that the quality of master data is improved, and access is faster. Reporting is also easier as all master data attributes are in a single place.
  • A Consolidation MDM Pattern style hub can naturally evolve into a Coexistence MDM Pattern Style hub if your business decides it requires the advantage of being able to link centrally governed data back to the source systems.