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Collibra shows the direction for tool-enabling data governance 2.0. Collibra covers three domains:

  • metadata with Business Semantics Glossary
  • data quality (through its relationship with Harte Hanks Trillium Software
  • and reference data with the Reference Data Accelerator product offering.

In addition, Collibra provides a collaboration environment called Data Stewardship Manager. These three products benefit from working on the same platform and can be grouped in a suite called Data Governance Center. Despite its modest coverage of some capabilities, like life-cycle management and security/privacy, Collibra is currently the vendor that is the closest to data governance 2.0 — associating a coherent data governance management platform with a clear business orientation. It is separating quality capabilities management from quality execution. (Partner Trillium handles execution.)

Partnering is a critical facet to its growth and the completeness of its current offering.