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A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, is there to manage and monitor the health of your business’s technology. This provider ensures that your company has what it needs to run smoothly. The work of an MSP affects both those inside and outside of the company. Your Managed Service Provider looks over your data and makes sure that it’s available and useful to both employees and customers who need it. When you have a problem accessing your data, or other technological issues, your MSP can work with you to make it right.

  • Your Managed Service Provider is focused mainly on technology administration. An MSP is in charge of granting permissions to employees based on their roles and responsibilities, onboarding new employees in your tech system, recording, and providing log data, and troubleshooting when there is an incident. They can also work closely with your company’s database manager to provide the training and support that they need to do their job well.
  • When a company implements a new application, an effective MSP can help minimize onboarding issues. When there are tech performance issues or usability problems, your MSP can step in and take care of the issue, freeing up your IT staff to do other important work.
  • Your MSP is an important part of your IT solutions. They can provide infrastructure, application, and network security support. They aren’t the end all be all for your technology needs. To keep your data safe and secure, you need to implement an MSSP as well.