Cyber Roles and Responsibilities

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Information security risk management is an important part of the security governance, and the responsibility of the board of directors.

Risk management is a management responsibility, and there are many key roles that need to be addressed

  • Board of Directors
    • Cyber security governance needs strategic direction as well as commitment, resources, and the assignment of responsibilities.
    • The board needs to be aware of the Information Assets and how critical they are to business operations. This is achieved through periodic reviews.
  • Executive Management
    • The policy set forth by senior management must have leadership and ongoing support from executive management to succeed.


  • Governing boards and senior management – ultimate responsibility
  • Chief information officer – IT planning, budgeting and performance
  • Information security manager – security programs for their organization
  • System and information owners – ensuring controls are in place
  • Business and functional managers – IT procurement and business management
  • IT security practitioners – implementation of controls
  • Security awareness trainers – reaching the employees