D365: Trade Agreements

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Trade agreements are fixed price or discount agreements that are set up for one or more customers or vendors for the sale or purchase of single or multiple products.

Trade agreements can apply to:

  • A specific customer, vendor, or product
  • Groups of customers, vendors, or items
  • All customers, all vendors, or all items

To use trade agreements, you must activate the combinations of price agreements. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management contains control structures to activate these pricing and discount structures.

Activate trade agreements so that each organization can activate relevant structures and deactivate structures that are irrelevant to the company's business processes. This feature provides more control for sales and purchase order processing.

You can use trade agreements on:

  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Sales orders
  • Sales quotes

When you open the activate price/discount page from the Sales and Marketing module, each tab displays check boxes for the possible combinations of Customer, Customer Group, or All Customers and Items, Item Discount Groups, or All Items.

You can select these check boxes for access to the various combinations of trade agreements. However, not all combinations are available for selection.

  • Price - can only be activated for specific items.
  • Line discount - can be activated for items, item line discount groups, or all items.
  • Multiline discount - can be activated for item multiline discount groups or all items.
  • Total discount - can only be activated for all items.