Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is the technological aspect of Business Continuity Plan that focuses on IT systems and operations.

DRP Planning Steps

  • The First step for DRP is to perform a business impact analysis.
  • Develop a recovery strategy after BIA
  • After BIA, Map software systems, hardware and network components. The BIA will identify critical business processes and the systems that support those processes. This step will come after performing a BIA.
  • After BIA, Appoint recovery teams with defined personnel, roles and hierarchy.

Response Steps

  • Declaring a disaster. When? Who? How?
    • This is a crucial role. If nobody declares the disaster, the BCP would not be invoked.


  • Downtime Costs
    • Operating losses whilst the disaster is in play.
  • Recovery Costs
  • Resumption Costs
  • Walkthrough Costs