Data Strategist

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  • Craft innovative data strategies that articulate a compelling vision and propose the future capabilities required to enable advanced value creation opportunities for sustained client growth and profitability.
  • Assist clients with understanding leading edge data capabilities and the transformational impact they could have on their business.
  • Define and implement robust data management operating models (including data governance frameworks) including effective structures, roles and responsibilities, processes and the advanced technologies required to drive the effective management of data across the enterprise.
  • Define and implement programs to improve the understanding of data governance responsibilities and data literacy across the enterprise.
  • Interpret data risk regulatory frameworks and determine robust approaches for clients to embed controls into ways of working.
  • Engage with senior client stakeholders to understand their vision and to define and recommend valid and pragmatic data strategies and solutions.
  • Define the business capabilities, business services and information flows required to deliver the recommended strategies and solutions.
  • Collaborate closely with a multi-disciplinary team of technical specialists comprising of KPMG employees, vendor specialists and client employees.
  • Analyse the anticipated impact of the implementation of new technology solutions on the client across the people, processes and culture areas.
  • Define and implement change plans to prepare and engage clients for new solutions to ensure successful adoption and value realisation.
  • Develop and deliver clear and articulate, audience appropriate, presentations of findings and recommendations, ensuring presentations are persuasive and provide a captivating story.
  • Document work results in a comprehensive, coherent manner using professional business writing skills.