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Financial Crime Practice Partner..

  1. What is the spend on overall Fin crime ? What’s the split between technology and operations ?
  2. What is the bank's current pain points in the FCC Space ?
  3. Bank's current FCC road map on future technology, architecture, data management, analytics  ?
  4. Whether FCC-TM, Sanctions, and Customer Life Cycle Management are being managed separately or as one team within the Technology and Operations space ?
  5. What is the current FCC/FCT Platform bank is using ? Whether there are separate platforms for Transaction monitoring, Screening ( Name and Payment Screening), Risk Assessment, and Fraud?
  6. How effective is your data aggregation to feed the detection engines ? How effective is your rules management ?
  7. Have you introduced any AI / ML capabilities to optimize your systems ?
  8. How effective is your current FCC Platform / Systems ? Whats is the current false positive percentage (TM, Sanctions) ?
  9. Do you have an effective case management tool to triage TM, Sanctions alerts ?
  10. Do you have automated systems in place to meet regulatory reportings, e.g. Suspicious Matter Reports etc. ?
  11. Do you have a separate Centralized Customer Life Cycle Management System ? Does it also manage perpetual KYC ? Is this integrated with an eKYC model ?
  12. What is the current cycle time to on-board and re-fresh a customer based on business segment (IB&M, Business Banking, Retail) ?
  13. Whether bank has any real time capability to handle customer and payments screening ?
  14. Do you have a Data Lake or how is the data being aggregated for Fin Crime Technology ?
  15. What's is the current size of your FCC Operations team ? Where are they located ?
  16. Are there any transformation initiatives currently bank has started ?
  17. How many systems is currently managing the customer master data? Also how many product systems are currently operational in the bank