Incident Response communication

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Good afternoon Mr. Person,

The ICT Security Team regularly conduct reviews of countries that user accounts have logged in from.

On the 17th of June, we detected your Account logging in from 2 countries within quick succession. These are:

  • Australia
  • Austria

This activity may be legitimate access - if you are using a VPN on a home computer or mobile device for example. We suggest not using a VPN while accessing resources in the Company ICT environment.

The ICT Security Team would like to confirm if this was legitimate (non-malicious) access. To confirm this access, can you please reply to this email advising if you are using a using a VPN to access Company resources or if you believe these logins to be malicious.

Failing to assist ICT Security in identifying the root cause of these logins could result in your account access being temporarily suspended until we have confirmed the validity of the login source and that it does not present a genuine threat to the Company Network.

Please feel free to also contact us with any questions or other concerns.