Jobs: 14 Oct 2023 - ICT Solutions Architect - Design Acceptance Authority Representative

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  • Department of Defence
  • Harman, Canberra ACT
  • Architects (Information & Communication Technology)
  • Government - Federal (Government & Defence)
  • Full time
  • $111,441 - $125,705 (EL 1) + Super

The Role

The ICT Solution Architect: Project – Design Acceptance Authority Representative (DAAR) is a critical oversight and assurance function within the Defence Strategic Communication Branch (DSCB). The role is tasked with Design Acceptance of ICT systems or services delivered by Design Authorities. The Design Acceptance process ensures that the delivered design or design change is ‘fit for purpose’, safe, environmentally compliant and accreditable.

Under broad oversight from the Deputy Director Design & Process Assurance, and in close collaboration with the Chief Engineer and other DAAR representatives, the successful candidate will be responsible for engagement of project teams while critically assessing proposed new capability, with a focus on Strategic Telecommunication and Networking outcomes on behalf of Australian Defence and our coalition partners.

The position capitalises on specialist knowledge and experience to effect oversight of critical new capability, while supporting stakeholder engagement (ADF users, internal support teams and other nations), and is a key service assurance function in the delivery of Defence ICT capability.

About our Team

Within the Joint Capabilities Group (JCG), the Defence Strategic Communication Branch (DSCB) – Strategic Communication Sustainment & Coalition Interoperability (SCSCI) is a large and complex team of people tasked with providing efficient oversight and uplift of critical services serving the wider Australian Defence Force and our Coalition partners.

This role will form an important part of the Engineering and Assurance function to ensure Project and Service Uplift outcomes delivered to the Branch are efficient, effective, secure, resilient and provide ongoing value for money.

The position capitalises on high-level specialist knowledge and experience to deliver effective oversight and advice to DSCB Leadership, and in turn deliver quality information sharing services to Defence and our allied/coalition partners.

Our Ideal Candidate

This is a widely focused, visible and challenging role covering Design and Engineering assurance of proposed Telecommunication and Networking services into the Defence Strategic Communication area of responsibility.

Our ideal candidate will have strong demonstrated experience in the field of ICT Solution and/or Enterprise Architecture, understanding of Engineering concepts and methodologies, and strong architectural knowledge of Telecommunication and Networking platforms within a secure Government environment.

In addition to the technical aspects of this role, the ideal candidate will also possess a strong commercial acumen in order to successfully engage and assure services delivered through key Defence partners, to ensure contractual compliance and value for money is achieved on behalf of the Australian Government.

Regular responsibilities of this role will include:

  • Determining the technical acceptability of ICT systems and services within their delegated scope.
  • Accepting a design or design change as fit-for-purpose, safe, environmentally compliant and accreditable on behalf of Defence (Design Acceptance).
  • Authorising variations to maintenance activities for ICT systems and services within the scope of their responsibilities.
  • Issuing Technical Authority delegations to internal Design Authorities and Senior Maintenance Managers (SMM) where Defence staff are required to directly undertake design or maintenance activities.
  • Reviewing Design Acceptance Concessions and Deviations for ICT systems and services.
  • Proactively engage with Project teams throughout the project lifecycle to ensure delivered outcomes will comply with future Defence needs.
  • Represent the Department of Defence in discussions and negotiations to ensure agreed contractual outcomes have been achieved, while maintaining value for money on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia.