Jobs: 30 Sept 2013 - Enterprise ICT Security Architect @ Department of Immigration and Citizenship

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  • Position Number: 60032550
  • Classification: Executive Level 2
  • Job Title: Enterprise ICT Security Architect
  • Location: National Office
  • Division: Technology Services
  • Branch: Security & IT Service Operations
  • Section: IT Security
  • Salary: $109,959 to $128,120
  • Contact Officer: Andrew BROOKS, (02) 6264 2078
  • Applications close: Thursday 26 September 2013 at 12:00 midnight - AEST.

Working at DIAC

In the department we acknowledge that the diversity of our people is our greatest strength. We understand that a diverse workplace will have a greater understanding of its clients and the needs of the community. Our Workplace Diversity Strategy 2011-2013 contains targeted strategies that endeavour to create an environment that values and utilises the contributions of people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. In addition, our Enterprise Agreement 2011 - 2014 articulates our commitment to flexible working arrangements, including part-time work, working from home, and job sharing. Please see the Enterprise Agreement for details of these arrangements including our salary structure:


The Security and IT Service Operations Branch is responsible for the department's physical, personnel and ICT security programs, and provision of midrange infrastructure, operating systems, messaging, middleware, mainframe, and gateway operations. Technologies include AIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, IBM Websphere, IBM Tivoli Identity and Access Assurance Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM DB2, IBM Portal Server, MQ, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, TRIM, Tomcat, and a number of technologies supporting gateway services.

Working in a small team under the guidance of the Principal Enterprise IT Security Architect, you will be responsible for:

  • Liaising with different stakeholders to ensure the secure design and implementation of solutions;
  • Assessing the ICT security architecture of proposed and existing solutions;
  • Guiding solution architects, designers, implementers and integrators in developing and documenting the security architecture of system solutions;
  • Developing and maintaining the solution architecture design documentation for security solutions; and
  • Developing in conjunction with architects/ designers/ implementers/ integrators the security architecture of significant systems.

Specific Duties

  • Responsibility 1: Providing enterprise security architecture direction and advice
    • Strategic Direction
      • Assist with development and maintenance of the enterprise IT security architecture for the department; and Liaise with the enterprise and infrastructure architecture teams to facilitate alignment of the IT security architecture.
    • Assessment and Assistance
      • Assess the IT security architecture of proposed and existing solutions;
      • Guide solution architects, designers and system implementers in developing and documenting the security architecture of solutions;
      • Assess the IT security architecture impact of future initiatives; and
      • Advise business owners, system owners and other IT stakeholders regarding IT security architectural issues.
  • Responsibility 2: Developing solution design for security solutions
    • Architecture & Design:
      • Develop and maintain the solution architecture design documentation for security solutions; and
      • Support the development and maintenance of detailed design and implementation documentation.
    • Integration:
      • Support the design activities of other teams as they integrate their systems with enterprise security capabilities; and
      • Promote the use of enterprise security capabilities by departmental systems.
  • Responsibility 3: Designing the high level security architecture for major departmental solutions.
    • Skills/Qualifications Required:
      • The successful candidate will have a strong security background with experience in security design and assessment across a wide range of technologies. Significant experience in undertaking security detailed solution designs leveraging and incorporating large scale solutions within enterprise technology architectures is critical for success in this role.
      • Positions at this level are responsible for leading and championing security architecture & design services to support BAU operations, new project deliveries, core ICT capability developments, and enabling new business initiatives.

To be successful in this role you will have a demonstrated ability to manage and organise work while balancing competing priorities and conflicting stakeholder interests. A proven ability to cultivate productive working relationships, while demonstrating professional and technical proficiency in IT security solution development is a mandatory requirement of this role.

Selection Criteria

  • Shapes to Strategic Thinking
    • Provide an example of a complex security problem you have addressed. Describe why the problem was complex, how you separated the problem into major and minor concerns and what conclusions and arguments you made to influence organisational strategy. What objectives did you propose and what steps did you propose to achieve those objectives? Describe a situation that demonstrates your ability to consider the relationship between the objectives of an organisation and the broader strategic direction and goals across Whole of Government.
  • Achieves Results
    • Provide an example where you worked in a leading role to design a security solution. Please describe the solution, the process you applied to develop it, and what it achieved. In your description please indicate how you identified and harnessed specialist expertise and knowledge within the organisation, how you managed expectations and conflicting priorities, and how you gauged success.
  • Cultivates Productive Working Relationships
    • Provide an example that demonstrates your ability to build collaboration with technology teams. How have you helped designers and implementers apply appropriate emphasis to architectural elements that may be in play, especially where technology Subject Mater Experts (SME) had a focus on building and implementing favoured solutions.
  • Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity
    • Please describe how you maintain the currency of your security architecture and technical knowledge. Give an example where your ideas have been strongly challenged and you found a way forward. How did you raise objections and what was the outcome?
  • Communicates with Influence
    • How do you support the value of, and role of, Security Architecture to business and IT stakeholders who perceive the practice as overly theoretical, unneeded, or lacking in tangible outcomes? Describe your experience in the presentation of solutions and options to audiences of varying levels of technical proficiency and understanding encompassing business, senior management, and operational ICT areas of an organisation. How have you pitched an idea to a potentially unreceptive stakeholder group with the intention of agreeing a mutually beneficial solution?
  • Eligibility:
    • This is a designated security assessed position. The successful applicant will be required to undergo a security clearance. Late applications will not be considered.