MDM Maturity Model

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These are the levels to assess MDM Maturity within an organisation

  • Level1 - Unaware
  • Level2 - Reactive
  • Level3 - Proactive
  • Level4 - Managed
  • Level5 - Optimised

Level1: Unaware

  • There are siloed systems.
  • There is no common agreements across organisations or systems.
  • No standards or protocols for data transfers
  • Low levels of inter-operability between systems
  • Application developers maintain siloed systems
  • No roles or responsibility assigned to data management

Level2: Reactive

  • Sees the problems as system silos begin to talk.
  • Systems begin to inter-operate
  • Data conflicts occur. Alot of manual interventions.
  • Master Data needs become apparent
  • Business Processes for data management not well defined
  • No roles or responsibility assigned to process management

Level3: Proactive

  • Centralisation of systems, or large scale inter-operability is needed
  • Master Data Models are created
  • Master Data Models are distributed
  • No roles or responsibility assigned to data architecture?
  • Leverage Data Auditors to identify gaps & issues

Level4: Managed

  • Master Data is centrally managed. Hurrah!
  • Business processes are well defined and governed.
  • Data Ownership and Data Governance needs to be implemented to support data conflict resolution
  • Data Quality has metrics and is centralised
  • No roles or responsiblity assigned to data governance

Level5: Optimised

  • Master Data Hub is fully integrated
  • Master Data APIs are available
  • There are automated ways to enforce and reverse master data decisions.
  • Data Governance has been established and resolves inter-system issues.
  • No roles or responsibility for Data Auditors