PII: Driver License Number

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For some individuals the data breach event included the driver licence number used when creating their Optus account.

Potential Risks

The exposure of a Driver Licence number can leave you open to SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) swaps.

Unauthorised access to financial accounts can occur where the Driver Licence is used as a form of verification.

New financial accounts (debit accounts, credit cards, personal loans) can be created and this can extend to By-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) products.

When a scammer has your Driver Licence details they can create Social media accounts in your name and takeover existing accounts.

With your Driver Licence details scammers can gain access to your MyGov, ATO and other general accounts, establish new utility accounts and apply for rental properties.


The States and Territory driver licence issuers have updated the processes and costs for the reissue of drivers licences for those impacted by the Optus data breach.