PII: Email Address

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An email address that you use or have used was included in the data that was exposed through this breach event.

Potential Risks

Scammers may send emails to these addresses that may include malicious attachments, links to fake websites or may download malware onto your device.

The email from the criminal may appear legitimate as they may impersonate a legitimate organisation or individual in order to build trust.

There is also the risk of deception through business email compromise (also known as a false invoice scam). This is where a scammer issues a fraudulent invoice or an "update" to bank details for a business they have compromised.

Individuals who receive this email and follow through with the payment will end up sending money to the scammers, not the business.

Always contact the business directly on a known number (not the one included in the suspected fraudulent email) if you are advised to update payment details.


Beware of phishing emails, including those asking to update billing details or pay invoices. Use an up-to-date anti-virus application that includes email protection and scanning.