PII: State Proof of Identity Cards Northern Territory

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NT Evidence of Age Card

Replacing your NT Evidence of Age Card may not reduce the risk of your previous card or number being misused as form of identity. IDCARE advises that you continue to monitor for misuse by following the “Detect” measures provided at the beginning of this email. Also, request additional security for your existing accounts that may use your Evidence of Age Card as part of verifying your identity. This could include, but is not limited to, banking and finance accounts, superannuation, Commonwealth Government services (such as myGov), telecommunications and utilities providers, and social media accounts.

A replacement Evidence of Age card will have a new card number and expiry date. The process for replacing the card depends on when your last photo was taken by the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR).

Fill in the application for evidence of age card form . If your last photo taken by the MVR is over 5 years old, you will need to apply for a replacement card in person at the Motor Vehicle Registry , have your photo taken at the office and pay the $28 replacement fee. If your most recent photo with the MVR was taken within five years, you can choose to request a new card by mail or email. In this case, pay the $28 replacement fee by cheque or money order, or by calling the MVR on 1300 654 628 after they have received your application to pay by MasterCard or Visa. Submit your completed application to mvr@nt.gov.au or by mail to:

Motor Vehicle Registry GPO Box 530 Darwin NT 0801