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A business playbook is a manual that describes a company's policies, workflows and procedures. It explains how the business operates and the role each person plays. It answers questions such as what the company does, how, why, who does what and when in one well-organized document. A business playbook's purpose is to help companies run smoothly and effectively.

Types of Playbooks

  • Company Playbooks: This playbook provides a broad overview of a company and its history, mission, purpose and operations. It is an introduction and a guide to the company and what it does.
  • Operations Playbooks: This document tells employees what steps to take when delivering the company's service to its customers. It explains how the company and its staff function.
  • Sales Playbooks: A sales playbook is a guide that tells employees how to market a product or service. Companies might create playbooks for each product or service they sell.
  • Channel Playbooks: If a company partners with third parties to sell or deliver a product, it might create a channel or resellers playbook that gives those parties the information they need to sell successfully.
  • Cyber Playbooks