Red Teaming

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Red Teaming–a simulated cyber-intrusion from the Internet, based on methods and techniques successfully employed by real-world attackers today, but in a trusted and controlled manner.

Red Teamsare authorised, adversary-based security assessments, designed to simulate the actions of a real-world attacker against digital, physical and workforce elements of a target organisation. The process involves completely re-imagining traditional security testing and vulnerability analysis. Rather than examining individual components of the security model (technology, policies and procedures) in isolation, red teaming takes a holistic big-picture view of a target (an entire corporation, for example) and simulates real cyber targeting under controlled conditions.

This simulated attack approach enables to better prepare, remediate and protect against possible future threats. Red Team Assessments blend cyber, physical and social engineering vectors into a targeted attack against your organisation, using only publicly available techniques and with no knowledge of your environment. The aim is to gain access to a list of pre-agreed applications,data,or physical locationsand rooms-specifically the ‘trophy-list’ of assets considered most sensitive to yourbusiness.