SABSA Training

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SABSA Training outcomes....

  1. Define enterprise security architecture, its role, objectives and benefits
  2. Describe the SABSA model, architecture matrix, service management matrix and terminology
  3. Describe SABSA principles, framework, approach and lifecycle
  4. Use business goals and objectives to engineer information security requirements
  5. Create a business attributes taxonomy
  6. Apply key architectural defence-in-depth concepts
  7. Explain security engineering principles, methods and techniques
  8. Use an architected approach to design an integrated compliance framework
  9. Describe and design appropriate policy architecture
  10. Define security architecture value proposition,
  11. Use SABSA to create an holistic framework to align and integrate standards
  12. Describe roles, responsibilities, decision-making and organisational structure
  13. Explain the integration of SABSA into a service management environment
  14. Define Security Services
  15. Describe the placement of security services within ICT Infrastructure
  16. Create a SABSA Trust Model
  17. Describe and model security associations intra-domain and inter-domain
  18. Explain temporal factors in security and sequence security services
  19. Determine an appropriate start-up approach for SABSA Architecture
  20. Apply SABSA Foundation level competencies to the benefit of your organization