Sanitisation Procedures

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  • All electronic storage media should be sanitized when it is no longer necessary for business use, provided that the sanitization does not conflict with organisation data retention policies.
  • All electronic storage media should be sanitized prior to sale, donation or transfer of ownership. A transfer of ownership may include transitioning media to someone in your department with a different role, relinquishing media to another department, or replacing media as part of a lease agreement.
  • All organisation employees are responsible for the sanitization of non-reusable electronic media before disposal. Similar to shredding paper reports, CDs and other non-rewritable media should be destroyed before disposal.
  • Department heads are responsible for the sanitation of all organisation owned electronic devices and computer systems in their units prior to removal from a department or the campus. This responsibility may be delegated within the college as deemed appropriate.
  • Any disposal of computer equipment and media storage devices must comply with all surplus disposal procedures as defined by the logistical services department.

NOTE: When removing sensitive information, do not forget storage devices such as thumb drives, back-up external hard drives and CDs. Also, be sure to erase any stored names and numbers from phones and fax machines.

  • Also consider storage in printers.