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ADM Application Architecture is part of the Information Systems Architecture phase in the ADM.


Inputs to Application Architecture are:


Steps to Data Architecture are:

  1. Select reference models, viewpoints and tools
  2. Develop baseline Application Architecture description
  3. Develop target Application Architecture description
  4. Perform Gap Analysis
  5. Define roadmap components
  6. Resolve impacts across the Architecture Landscape
  7. Conduct formal stakeholder review
  8. Finalize the Architecture Architecture
  9. Create Architecture Definition Document


Architecture Deliverable outputs to Application Architecture are:

  1. TOGAF: Statement of Architecture Work (updated if necessary)
  2. Validated application principles, or new application principles
  3. Draft TOGAF: Architecture Definition Document (containing updates)
  4. Draft TOGAF: Architecture Requirements Specification (containing updates)
  5. Application Architecture components of an TOGAF: Architecture Roadmap

Architecture Artifacts may include the following:

  • Catalogs:
    • Application Portfolio catalog
    • Interface catalog
  • Matrices:
    • Application/Organization matrix
    • Role/Application matrix
    • Application/Function matrix
    • Application Interaction matrix
  • Diagrams:
    • Application Communication diagram
    • Application and User Location diagram
    • Application Use-Case diagram
    • Enterprise Manageability diagram
    • Process/Application Realization diagram
    • Software Engineering diagram
    • Application Migration diagram
    • Software Distribution diagram

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