TOGAF: ADM Architecture Change Management

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Objectives of Phase H: Architecture Change Management are:

  • Ensure that the architecture lifecycle is maintained
  • Ensure that the Architecture Governance Framework is executed
  • Ensure that the enterprise Architecture Capability meets current requirements

Drivers for Change

  • Business drivers
    • Business-as-usual developments
    • Business exceptions
    • Business innovations
    • Business technology innovations
    • Strategic change
  • Technology drivers
    • New technology reports
    • Asset management cost reductions
    • Technology withdrawal
    • Standards initiatives

Change Management Process

Changes fall into 3 categories:

  1. Simplification change
    • A simplification change can normally be handled via change management techniques.
  2. Incremental change
    • An incremental change may be capable of being handled via change management techniques, or it may require partial re-architecting, depending on the nature of the change (see 16.2.3 Guidelines for Maintenance versus Architecture Redesign for guidelines).
  3. Re-architecting change
    • A re-architecting change requires putting the whole architecture through the architecture development cycle again.


Inputs for Architecture Change Management are:


Steps for Architecture Change Management are:

  1. Establish value realization process
  2. Deploy monitoring tools
  3. Manage risks
  4. Provide analysis for architecture change management
  5. Develop change requirements to meet performance targets
  6. Manage governance process
  7. Activate the process to implement change


Outputs for Architecture Change Management are:

  1. Architecture updates
  2. Changes to Architecture Framework and principles
  3. New TOGAF: Request for Architecture Work. Initiate another cycle of the ADM.
  4. TOGAF: Statement of Architecture Work, updated if necessary
  5. TOGAF: Architecture Contract (updated if necessary)
  6. TOGAF: Compliance Assessments (updated if necessary)
  7. Architecture Debt

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