TOGAF: ADM Implementation Governance

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Objectives of Phase G: Implementation Governance are:

  • Formulate recommendations for each implementation project
  • Govern and manage an Architecture Contract covering the overall implementation and deployment process
  • Perform governance functions while the systems is being implemented and deployed
  • Ensure conformance with defined architecture by implementation projects and other projects
  • Ensure that the program of solutions is deployed successfully as a planned program of work
  • Ensure that conformance of the deployed solution with the Target Architecture
  • Mobilize supporting operations that will underpin the future working lifetime of the deployed solution.


Inputs for Implementation Governance are:


Steps for Implementation Governance:

  1. Confirm scope and priorities for deployment with development management
  2. Identify deployment resources and skills
  3. Guide development of solutions deployment
  4. Perform enterprise Architecture Compliance Reviews
  5. Implement business and IT operations
  6. Perform post-implementation review and close the implementation


Outputs of Implementation Governance are:

  1. TOGAF: Architecture Contract (signed)
  2. TOGAF: Compliance Assessments
  3. TOGAF: Change Requests
  4. Impact Analysis
  5. Architecture-compliant solutions deployed
    • The architecture-compliant deployed system
    • Populated Architecture Repository
    • Architecture compliance recommendations and dispensations
    • Recommendations on service delivery requirements
    • Recommendations on performance metrics
    • SLAs
    • TOGAF: Architecture Vision (updated with post-implementation info)
    • TOGAF: Architecture Definition Document (updated with post-implementation info)

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