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  • ADM Phase E


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Objectives for Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions are:

  • Review target business objectives and capabilities, consolidate the gaps from Phases B to D, and organise groups of building blocks to address these capabilities.
  • To confirm the enterprise capability for undergoing change
  • To derive a series of Transition Architectures that deliver continuous business value (eg. capability increments) through the exploitation of opportunities to realise the building blocks.
  • To generate and gain consensus on an outline Implementation and Migration strategy


Inputs to Opportunities and Solutions are:

  • outputs from earlier phases including Technology Architecture


Steps to Opportunities and Solutions are:

  1. Determine/confirm key corporate change attributes
  2. Determine business constraints for implementation
  3. Review and consolidate Gap Analysis results from Phases B to D
  4. Review IT requirements from a functional perspective
  5. Consolidate and reconcile interoperability requirements
  6. Refine and validate dependencies
  7. Confirm readiness and risk for business transformation
  8. Formulate high-level Implementation and Migration strategy
  9. Identify and group major work packages
  10. Identify Transition Architectures
  11. Create portfolio and project charters and update the architectures


Architecture Deliverable outputs of Opportunities and Solutions are:

  1. TOGAF: Statement of Architecture Work
  2. TOGAF: Architecture Vision (updated as needed)
  3. Draft TOGAF: Architecture Definition Document (updates)
    • Indentification of increments
    • Interoperability and co-existence requirements
    • Implementation and Migration Strategy
    • Inclusion of project list and project charters
  4. Draft TOGAF: Architecture Requirements Specification (updated as needed)
  5. TOGAF: Capability Assessment
    • Enterprise Architecture Maturity Profile
    • Transformation Readiness Report
  6. Transition Architectures
    • Consolidated Gaps, Solutions, and Dependencies assessments
    • Risk Register
    • Impact Analysis - project list
    • Dependency Analysis Report
    • Implementation Factor Assessment and Deduction matrix
  7. Implementation and Migration Plan (outline)

Architecture Artifacts may include the following:

Security Adaptations for ADM

  • etc...
  • Evaluate tested and re-usable security software and resources.
  • Identify new code/resources/assets appropriate for re-use
  • Determine what can go wrong

See TOGAF: ADM Security Architecture

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