TOGAF: ADM Preliminary Phase

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Objectives of the Preliminary Phase are:

  • Review organisation context for conducting enteprise architecture
  • Identify Stakeholders, their requirements, and priorities
  • Confirm the commitment of the stakeholders
  • Identify and scope the elements of the enterprise organisations affected
  • Define an organisation's "architecture footprint". (ie. the people responsible for performing architecture work, their location, and responsibilities)
  • Define the framework and detailed methodologies that are going to be used to develop the enterprise architecture in the organisation; this is typically an adaptation of the ADM.
  • Set up a governance and support framework to provide business process and Architecture Governance throught the ADM cycle.
  • Select and implement supporting tools to support architecture activity
  • Define constraining architecture principles


Inputs to the Preliminary Phase include:

  1. TOGAF
  2. Other Architecture Frameworks
  3. Business Principles, Business Goals, and Business Drivers
  4. Architecture Governance Strategy
  5. IT Strategy
  6. Existing Organisational Model for Enterprise Architecture
  7. Existing Architecture Framework (if any)
  8. Existing Architecture Principles (if any)
  9. Existing Architecture Repository (if any)


Steps in the Preliminary Phase include:

  1. Scope the Enterprise Organisations Impacted
  2. Confirm Governance and Support Frameworks
  3. Define and Establish the Enterprise Architecture Team and Organisation
  4. Identify and Establish Architecture Principles
  5. Select and tailor Architecture Framework(s)
  6. Implement Architecture tools


Architecture Deliverable outputs of the Preliminary Phase include:

  1. TOGAF: Organisational Model for Enterprise Architecture
  2. Tailored Architecture Framework, including Architecture Principles
  3. Initial Architecture Repository
  4. Restatement of, or reference to, Business Principles, Business Goals, Business Drivers
  5. TOGAF: Request for Architecture Work
    • A document from sponsors to trigger the start of an Architecture Development Cycle
  6. Governance Framework

Architecture Artifacts may include the following:

Security Adaptations for ADM

Define and document applicable regulatory and security policy requirements (and communicate them regularly to employees) Identify a security architect or security architecture team, and the role within the enterprise architecture process. If part of larger organisation, establish meetings, protocols, interfaces for the exchange of security information.

See TOGAF: ADM Security Architecture

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