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A key element in a successful architecture governance strategy is a cross-organization TOGAF: Architecture Board (aka as Architecture Review Board) to oversee the implementation of the strategy. This body should be representative of all the key stakeholders in the architecture, and will typically comprise a group of executives responsible for the review and maintenance of the overall architecture. This board should contain a large % of business executives.

TOGAF: Architecture Boards may have global, regional, or business line scope. Particularly in larger enterprises, Architecture Boards typically comprise representatives from the organization at a minimum of two levels:

  • Local (domain experts, line responsibility)
  • Global (organization-wide responsibility) - CXOs

In such cases, each board will be established with identifiable and articulated:

  • Responsibilities and decision-making capabilities
  • Remit and authority limits

Setting up the Architecture Board

Triggered by:

  • New CIO
  • Merger or acquisition
  • Consideration of a move to newer forms of computing
  • Recognition that IT is poorly aligned to business
  • Desire to achieve competitive advantage via technology
  • Creation of an enterprise architecture program
  • Significant business change or rapid growth
  • Requirement for complex, cross-functional solutions

Size of Board:

  • Default: 4-5 members
  • Maximum: 10 members
  • members can be rotated

Board Structure may include:

  • Global governance board
  • Local governance board
  • Design authorities
  • Working parties - can be rotated depending on organisational focus.

Operation of the Architecture Board

  • Preparation
  • Agenda
    • Minutes of Previous Meeting
    • Requests for Change
    • Dispensations
    • Compliance Assessments
    • Dispute Resolutions
    • Architecture Direction and Strategy Documentation
    • Actions Assigned
    • Contract Documentation Management
    • Any other business
  • Schedule of Meetings