TOGAF: Architecture Compliance

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The Meaning of Architecture Compliance

Levels of Architecture Conformance:

  • Irrelevant
  • Consistent
  • Compliant
  • Conformant
  • Fully Conformant
  • Non-Conformant

Architecture Compliance Reviews

  • Purpose
  • Timing
  • Governance and Personnel Scenarios

Architecture Compliance Review Process

TOGAF Architecture Review Process.png
  • Roles
  • Steps

Architecture Compliance Review Checklists

There is a huge checklist :)

  • Hardware and Operating System Checklist
  • Software Services and Middleware Checklist
  • Application Checklist
    • Infrastructure
    • Business Applications
    • Application Integration Approach
  • Information Management Checklist
    • Data Values
    • Data Definition
    • Security Protection
    • Hosting, Data Types, and Sharing
    • Access Method
  • Security Checklist
  • System Management Checklist
  • System Engineering / Overall Architecture Checklist
  • System Engineering / Methods and Tools Checklist

Architecture Compliance Review Guidelines

  • Focus on:
    • High risk areas
    • Expected (and emergent) differentiators
  • For each question in the checklist, understand:
    • The question itself
    • The principle behind it
    • What to look for in the responses
  • Ask subject experts for their views
  • Fix the checklist questions for your use
  • Bear in mind the need for feedback to the Architecture Board