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  • Artifact
  • Created in Phase A
  • Updated until Phase G

Joint agreements between development partners and sponsors on the deliverables, quality, and fitness-for-purpose of architecture. The Architecture contract forms the governance document for the implementation governance phase. May consist of either:

  • Architecture Design and Development Contract
  • Business Users Architecture Contract

Architecture Design and Development Contract

This is the architecture teans' perspective on the required architecture work.

  • Architecture and strategic principles and requirements
  • Conformance requirements
  • Architecture development and management process and roles
  • Target Architecture measures
  • Defined phases of deliverables
  • Prioritized joint workplan
  • Time windows
  • Architecture delivery and business metrics

Business Users Architecture Contract

This is the business users' perspective on the required architecture work. Contents consist of:

  • Introduction and background
  • The nature of the agreement
  • Scope of Architecture
  • Strategic requirements
  • Conformance requirements
  • Architecture adopters
  • Time Windows
  • Architecture Business metrics
  • Service architecture and SLAs

Document Status

  • Draft
  • Signed

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