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  • Artifact

The following artifacts are typically found in the Architecture Definition Document (ADD). The ADD is quite a sizable document.

  • Scope
  • Goal, objectives, and constraints
  • Architecture principles
  • Baseline Architecture
  • Architecture models
    • Business Architecture
    • Data Architecture
    • Application Architecture
    • Technology Architecture
  • Rationale and justification for architectural approach
  • Mapping to Architecture Repository including:
    • Architecture Landscape
    • The Reference Models
    • The Standards
    • Re-use Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Impact assessment
  • Strategic Migration Plan (generated by: Phase F: Migration Planning)
  • Impact Analysis (generated by: Phase F: Migration Planning)


Here is the lifecycle of the document:

8 TOGAF: Architecture Definition Document X X C U U U U U F U U

Business Architecture Outputs

Creation of Architecture Definition Document. Updates include:

  • Baseline Business Architecture (if appropriate and available)
  • Target Business Architecture
    • Organisation structure identifying business location and relating them to organisational units
    • Business functions identified using a detailed, recursive step involving successive decomposition of major functional areas into sub-functions
    • Business services that the enterprise and each enterprise unit provides to its customers, both internally and externally
    • Business processes, including measures and deliverables
    • Business roles including development and modification of skills requirements
    • Business data model
    • A correlation of organisation and functions which relate business functions to organisation units. (Matrix report)
  • Views corresponding to the selected viewpoints addressing key stakeholder concerns

Data Architecture Outputs

Updates from the Data Architecture phase are:

  • Baseline Data Architecture (if appropriate)
  • Target Data Architecture
    • includes models for business data, logical data, and the data management process, as well as Data Entity/Business Function matrix
  • Data Architecture views corresponding to the selected viewpoints addressing key stakeholder concerns.

Application Architecture Outputs

Updates from the Application Architecture phase are:

  • Baseline Application Architecture (if appropriate)
  • Target Application Architecture
    • Process systems model
    • Place systems model
    • Time systems model
    • People systems model
  • Application Architecture views corresponding to the selected viewpoints, addressing key stakeholder concerns.

Technology Architecture Outputs

Updates from the Technology Architecture phase are:

  • Baseline Technology Architecture (if appropriate)
  • Target Technology Architecture
    • Technology components and their relationships to information systems
    • Technology platforms and their decomposition
    • Environments and location grouped
    • Expecting processing load and distribution of load across technology components
    • Physical (network) communications
    • Hardware and Network Specifications
  • Views corresponding to the viewpoints addressing key stakeholder concerns

Opportunities & Solutions Outputs

Updates from the Opportunity and Solutions phase are:

  • Identification of increments
  • Interoperability and co-existence requirements
  • Implementation and Migration Strategy
  • Inclusion of project list and project charters

Migration Planning Outputs

  • Finalized Architecture Definition Document

Possible States

This document can be in:

  • Draft
  • Updated
  • Finalized

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