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A Building block is a component of business, IT or architecture capability combined with other building blocks to create architectures and solutions. These building blocks typically include:

Characteristics of Building Blocks:

  • A building block is a package of functionality defined to meet the business needs across an organization.
  • A building block has a type that corresponds to the TOGAF content metamodel (such as actor, business service, application, or data entity)
  • A building block has a defined boundary and is generally recognizable as "a thing" by domain experts.
  • A building block may interoperate with other, inter-dependent, building blocks.
  • A good building block has the following characteristics:
    • It considers implementation and usage, and evolves to exploit technology and standards.
    • It may be assembled from other building blocks.
    • It may be a subassembly of other building blocks.
    • Ideally a building block is re-usable and replaceable, and well specified.

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