TOGAF: Governance Log

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Governance Log

The governance log should contain the following items:

  • Decision Log
    • A log of all architecturally significant decisions that have been made in the organization. This would typically include:
  • Compliance Assessments
    • At key checkpoint milestones in the progress of a project, a formal architecture review will be carried out. This review will measure the compliance of the project to the defined architecture standards.
  • Capability Assessments
    • Depending on their objectives, some projects will carry out assessments of business, IT, or Architecture Capability. These assessments should be periodically carried out and tracked to ensure that appropriate progress is being made.
  • Calendar
    • The Calendar should show a schedule of in-flight projects and formal review sessions to be held against these projects.
  • Project Portfolio
    • The Project Portfolio should hold summary information about all in-flight projects that fall under architectural governance, including:
  • Performance Measurement
    • Based on a charter for the architecture function, a number of performance criteria will typically be defined. The Performance Measurement log should capture metrics relating to project governance and any other performance metrics relating to the architecture charter so that performance can be measured and evaluated on an ongoing basis.