TOGAF: Migration Planning Techniques

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Techniques to support Phase E & F.

Implementation Factor Assessment & Deduction Matrix

Factors typically include:

  • Risks
  • Issues
  • Assumptions
  • Dependencies
  • Actions
  • Impacts

Consolidated Gaps, Solutions, & Dependencies Matrix

28.3 Architecture Definition Increments Table

The technique of creating an Architecture Definition Increments table allows the architect to plan a series of Transition Architectures outlining the status of the enterprise architecture at specified times.

A table should be drawn up, as shown in Figure 28-3, listing the projects and then assigning their incremental deliverables across the Transition Architectures.

Figure 28-3: Architecture Definition Increments Table

28.4 Transition Architecture State Evolution Table

28.5 Business Value Assessment Technique

TOGAF Project Assessment of Value and Risk.png

I nice visual for assessing business value.

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