TOGAF: The Enterprise Continuum

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The Enterprise Continuum

The Enterprise Continuum provides an overall context for architectures and solutions and classifies assets that apply across the entire scope of the enterprise.

The Enterprise Continuum is a combination of 2 concepts:

  • TOGAF: Architecture Continuum
    • The Architecture Continuum provides a classification mechanism for assets that collectively define the architecture at different levels of evolution from generic to specific.
  • TOGAF: Solutions Continuum
    • The Solutions Continuum provides the classification for assets to describe specific solutions for the organization that can be implemented to achieve the intent of the architecture.

The Architecture Continuum

TOGAF Architecture Continuum.png

The Architecture Continuum is composed of architectures, Architecture Building Blocks (ABBs) and architectural models customised for the specific enterprise.

The Architecture Continuum are developed through 4 architectures, each addressing enterprise needs and business requirements in varying degrees of detail. The 4 architectures are:

  1. Foundation Architectures
  2. Common Systems Architectures
  3. Industry Architectures
  4. Organisation-Specific Architectures

ABBs and architectural models are stored in the TOGAF: Architecture Repository within the Reference Library.

The Solutions Continuum

TOGAF Solutions Continuum.png

The Solutions Continuum consists of architectures at each level of the Architecture Continuum. These are typically an inventory or library of solutions available to an organisation. Typically:

  1. Foundation Solutions
  2. Common Systems Solutions
  3. Industry Solutions
  4. Organisation-Specific Solutions