Talend Open Studio for MDM: Installing the Talend MDM Server

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These are the steps to install MDM Server:

  • When you download Talend Open Studio for MDM, you will get a big zip file. Unzip it.
  • It should contain a .jar file and another zip file.
  • The JAR file is the installer file for Talend MDM Server.
  • Execute the JAR file, and it will open an install interface, ask you a few questions on where to install the Talend MDM Server
$java -jar TOS_MDM-Server-r111943-V5.4.1.jar -console
    • If you are running this in windows, you can get a GUI
    • if you prefer a console-based execution, you can add the -console tag.

The Talend MDM installer has an embedded JBoss server. So you don't need to install JBoss server first.