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Talend MDM installation is easy as compare to other MDM products. Detailed instructions have been provided on

I would like to inform that make sure when you are installing MDM product, you have properly set environment variables and you have proper permission on the folder structure where you are installing/extracting Talend MDM server.

If you don't have proper permissions or if your few steps are wrong then the MDM server will not start properly. The message you can expect after starting MDM server is like

Server Started in 100ms...

Please give atleast 3-4 minutes to start MDM server.

Once MDM server is started, you can start MDM Studio and ready to start coding for your MDM solution. All the details about how Talend MDM works has been rpovided in Talend MDM server guide and Talend MDM Studio guide. You can also import MDM tutorials into Talend MDM Studio which are very helpful to understand the MDM solution provided by Talend.