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Test Principles related to Testing.

Principal #1 - Testing show the presence of defects, not their absence

Principal #2 - Exhaustive testing is impossible

Principal #3 - Early Testing

Cost of testing increases as the project matures.

Principal #4 - Defects Cluster

  • Pareto's Principle - 80% of defects come from 20% of the modules
  • Half the modules are defect free
  • Defects are clustered in modules that are:
    • More complex
    • Larger
    • Worked on by multiple developers or by less experienced developer

Principal #5 - Pesticide paradox

Running the same tests over and over will eventually make the bugs immune to the tests. This impacts Regression Testing

Principal #6 - Testing is context dependent

Testing intensity is different for different industries.

  • Critical software will need rigorous testing
  • Speed to market software may take a more agile process

Principal #7 - Absence of errors fallacy

Mathematical analysis of test costs.