Archimate Viewpoints

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Viewpoints are classified by:

  • Purpose
  • Level of Abstraction

Viewpoint Purpose

The 3 viewpoint purposes are:

  • Designing
  • Deciding
  • Informing

Viewpoint Abstraction

The 3 levels of viewpoint abstraction are:

  • Details
    • Technical and design diagrams
  • Coherence
    • Mainly design and architectural diagrams
  • Overview
    • High-level diagrams

List of Viewpoints

These viewpoints are Archimate representations of the metamodel. In TOGAF, the viewpoints should align with TOGAF: Architectural Artifacts

  1. Introductory Viewpoint
    • Focuses on highlighting points for discussion
  2. Organisational Viewpoint
  3. Business Process Viewpoint
  4. Business Function Viewpoint
  5. Application Structure Viewpoint
  6. Infrastructure Viewpoint
  7. Infrastructure Usage Viewpoint
  8. Archimate: Implementation and Deployment Viewpoint
  9. Archimate: Information Structure Viewpoint
  10. Archimate: Service Realisation Viewpoint
  11. Archimate: Layered Viewpoint
  12. Archimate: Landscape Map Viewpoint