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There are a few PHP Frameworks out there that try to organise developers into a consistent way of working.

Selection Criteria

Some common selection criteria when looking for a PHP Framework are:

  • PHP4 support
  • PHP5 support
  • MVC enabled
    • Support for the Model-View-Controller pattern
  • Composer support
  • Database
    • Support for various databases. Quality of DAO is important.
  • ORM
    • Support object-record mapping. (like ActiveRecord)
  • Templates
    • If a framework has built in templating engine/capability.
  • Caching
    • General caching. There are different levels of caching in any n-tiered framework
  • Authentication
    • Capability for User Authentication
  • Testing Framework
    • Integrated, Automated
  • AJAX
    • support for AJAX functionality
  • EDP
    • Event Driven Programming?
  • Internationalisation
  • License
  • Cost
  • Developer Availability
  • Support
    • Commercial support?
  • Active Developers
  • Community
    • StackOverflow content
    • Github stars / interest levels
  • Backwards compatibility