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* http://subs.emis.de/LNI/Proceedings/Proceedings103/gi-proc-103-014.pdf
* http://subs.emis.de/LNI/Proceedings/Proceedings103/gi-proc-103-014.pdf
==Data Architecture==
Formal data design methods are discussed in [[Data Architecture]]

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Data organisation is a broad term to discuss how data relates, its technical organisation, and the process of creating insights and valuable products from raw data.

Time Series Data

Data that changes frequently. Such data include:

  • Financial Data
  • Media Data
  • Hydrological Data

Static Data

Very slow changing data. Typically organised as Data Dictionaries.


An overly used term use to describe anything that describes data

Data Ontology & Provenance

Also consider metadata. Each of these topics are different, and should be looked at independently.

Data Architecture

Formal data design methods are discussed in Data Architecture