Unix Vs Windows

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Why is Unix better?

  • It is safer
  • It provides more control
  • It has been very successful

Unix is a secure operating system that is more beneficial than windows. Unix in terms of security and control, has been proven to be greater than that of windows and other competitors. Many companies use Unix for its reliability and excellent design. It is also chosen since it is old, compared to it’s competitors. Although this may mean that it is behind in features to other such operating systems, it also means that Unix has used by many businesses. It will be easier to understand it’s coding as many people have used it. These factors influence many companies decisions as to why they choose Unix over windows or other such operating systems.

Unix is an operating system that is not as well-known as others, such as windows. However, due to its design Unix is almost fool proof. It is easy to figure out if anyone is hacking into the database or any information is leaving without notices. This is a factor as to why many companies choose Unix over other well-known operating systems.

The control of Unix is greater than windows. Like its security, it is an easy system to read and understand what is happening. Windows is a much harder operating system to learn and understand due to its cryptic coding. On the other hand, Unix is a “transparent” system. Almost all of the codes on Unix are easy to understand. This is essential for many business, as they prefer to have employees that can understand what they are doing so as not to make massive mistakes.

Finally, it is chosen due to its age. It is a very simple operating system that does not take much time to master. It has been used in many famous businesses over the decades with reliable reviews. It has been used as the base of many famous operating systems since it is simple and also “free”. This shows that although there are other operating systems, Unix is the base and beginning of each. Once Unix is learnt, it is easier to understand other operating systems that used Unix as their base. This also shows that Unix is very successful in business as other famous businesses use Unix, or a form of Unix (e.g. Apple).

To conclude, Unix is a very simple and safe operating system. Although windows is acceptable, Unix can do the same if not better than windows. Over the decades it has been used by many business with successful results. Although it may be old, it is very safe which is what many businesses rely on. These factors can show why Unix is very successful and why so many companies may choose Unix over other operating systems.